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About Us

I’ve been sewing since about the age of 4 making dolls clothes, then later making various things for myself, friends and family.  The usual clothes, curtains etc. nothing really exciting.  I’ve always enjoyed crafting and started making cards around 2009 initially from photographs of boats at the marina where we keep our Sadler 29, PEG LEG.  This expanded into making cards for all occasions as well as local views and selling them,  often supporting various charities. We will always have a range of cards available at fairs & markets.

Then a few years ago when refurbishing our house I made enough mess to get my husband, Ian to agree to me having a workshop erected in the garden so that I could make as much mess as I liked without it bothering him!

This was the start of me spending more time sewing with the thought of selling the things I’d made.   I was working full time for a local travel company in a job that involved quite a lot of overseas travel so my crafting was just a hobby.  I was lucky to be invited to join a small group of local ladies who ran a lovely little monthly market to support a couple of charities.  This has stopped now for 2015 due to a lack of support, but opened communication to a whole range of local events that I now participate in.   

I retired from my full time job on the 31st December, 2013 and in addition to being able to spend more time crafting I sell at various local fairs and markets and various shops round about. 

My Mum, Pat was always been a keen knitter and made a beautiful range of children's knitwear, but sadly we lost her in 2016.  I'm lucky that a few elderly relatives have taken on the role so we are still able to offer a range of baby and children's knitwear.

As I mentioned earlier, I enjoy making cards and love it when I get into a creative mood and make very personalised cards for my friends and family.  So much can be used and recycled to make cards to impress.

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